Convention Information

Official Convention Call
  • Sat, May 01
    Online TBA
    May 01, 10:00 AM
    Online TBA
  • Fri, Jun 11
    Jun 11, 10:00 AM



Tentative Agenda


*** This is a tentative agenda. There may be changes before the convention***


*Please arrive early. Virtual Credentialing will take some time.



  • Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem

  • Moment of Silence and Remembrance

  • Land Acknowledgment

  • Invocation

  • Recognition of Democratic Elected Officials

  • Comments from the Chair

  • Financial’s Report

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Report of the Rules Committee

  • Report of the Credentials Committee

  • Report of Resolutions Committee

  • Consideration of Resolutions

  • Election of Officers

    • Chair

    • Vice-Chair

    • Secretary

    • Affirmative Action Officer

    • Affirmative Action Officer

  • Debate portion of "tabled" Resolutions Committee Report

  • Adjournment



Rules Committee

A committee to make such rules as may be necessary or expedient to the orderly conduct of the meeting and rules that shall be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. The rules shall be made available to the delegates at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Convention date.



  • Amanda Swope (Chair)

  • Rebekah Dorris

  • Cortez Johnson

  • Wes Robinson

  • John Swoboda

  • Erik Terwey


The Rules Committee will meet by Zoom on

  1. Tuesday, April 20, 6 pm

  2. Saturday, April 24, 10 am

  3. Sunday, April 25, 12 pm (noon)​


Convention Rules

The convention rules will be available by 9am April 28th, 2021.



Resolutions Committee

A committee to review and revise resolutions proposed to the CD1 Convention, propose resolutions on the initiative of its own members, and recommend the adoption of resolutions in its CD1 Convention report. The resolutions recommended by the committee shall be made available at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Convention date.



  • Terry Gamel (Chair)

  • Ali Canada

  • Shawn Hendershot

  • Crystal Lagrone

  • Knowlan Randza

  • Christy Wallace

  • John Weston



The Resolutions Committee will meet by Zoom on

  1. Thursday, April 22, 6:30 pm;

  2. Saturday, April 24, 10 am

  3. Monday, April 26, 6:30pm



Resolutions will be available by 9am April 28th, 2021.



Credentials Committee

A committee (delegates to the CD1 Convention and a volunteer staff) to: prepare a list of delegates certified by the State Secretary as delegates to the CD1 Convention, hear challenges to the right of any delegate to be seated at the CD1 Convention meeting, make prior arrangements for an orderly process in credentialing CD1 Convention delegates report to the CD1 Convention on the number of delegates issued credentials and or the resolution of any dispute, review and record valid proxy statements, and make revised reports to the Convention as may be required.



  • Demetrius Bereolos (Chair)

  • Megan Cruz

  • Crystal Lagrone

  • Bailey McBride

  • Knowlan Randza

  • Mark Roe

  • Michelle Schatz



The Credentials Committee will meet by Zoom on

  1. Thursday, April 22, 7 pm

  2. Tuesday, April 27, 7 pm

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