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Rules & Agenda


Rules and Agenda Committee

A committee to make such rules as may be necessary or expedient to the orderly conduct of the meeting and rules that shall be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. The rules shall be made available to the delegates at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Convention date.



  • Jana Harkin (Chair)

  • Vance Chatley

  • Foster Hillis

  • Twan Jones

  • Calvin Rees

  • Rachel Morse

  • Allison Ikley-Freeman

  • Katie Hopper

  • Desa Dawson



Rep. Stacey Plaskett

Keynote Speaker

Congresswoman Plaskett represents the U.S. Virgin Islands at-large congressional district. And represented democratics everywhere as  one of the Impeachment Managers leading the charge against Trump after his careless tweets and words inspired a violent mob to attack the U.S. Capitol. 

Join us for is sure to be an amazing keynote address!

Constitution & Bylaws


Constitution & Bylaws Committee

A committee to review all proposed changes the state party receives, to propose on the initiative of its own members, revise and draft proposed changes, and recommend the adoption of proposed changes in its report to the convention.


  • Alicia Andrews (Chair)

  • Josiah Daniel

  • Naomi Andrews

  • Heather Hubbard

  • Stacie Jackson

  • Cory Wallin

  • Christian Reeves

  • Savannah Reilly

  • Grace Smith

  • Aron York

  • Ali Canada

  • Cortez Johnson



Resolutions Committee

A committee to review and revise resolutions proposed to the Convention, propose resolutions on the initiative of its own members, and recommend the adoption of resolutions in its Convention report. The resolutions recommended by the committee shall be made available at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Convention date.



  • Amber Jensen (Chair)

  • Robert Goins

  • Christy Wallace

  • Mandy Freeman Bromagem

  • Eric Barr

  • Jason Rivera

  • Gary Klein

  • JeKia Harrison

  • Brad Gordon

  • Cathy Cott

  • Tom Taton

  • Mary C. Newcome-Hatch

  • Jim Potts

  • Chantelle Cory

  • Matthew Ruiz



Credentials Committee

A committee (delegates to the Convention and a volunteer staff) to: prepare a list of delegates certified by the State Secretary as delegates to the Convention, hear challenges to the right of any delegate to be seated at the Convention meeting, make prior arrangements for an orderly process in credentialing Convention delegates report to the Convention on the number of delegates issued credentials and or the resolution of any dispute, review and record valid proxy statements, and make revised reports to the Convention as may be required.



  • Demetrius Bereolos (Chair)

  • Debra Lankford

  • Judy Moore

  • Billye Nipper

  • Andrew Rickel

  • Malik Rochdi

  • Carrie Tuck

  • Juanita Vasquez Romo

  • Megan Cruz

  • Crystal LaGrone

  • Knowlan Randza

  • Mark Roe

  • Denise Michelle Schatz

Proxy Form


A delegate to the convention who is unable to attend may complete this online “Proxy Form” to a registered Democrat of the same gender (or non-binary person) from the same county where they are registered to vote.

Proxy Form.png